Buildings in which we work, residences in which we live, the streets we wander and the parks we sit in... All these living quarters have been the elements of raising the bar when it comes to our life quality. Developing technologies of today, just as it is in the other areas of life, are being an impulsive force providing for the construction sector to get better day by day.

FABER Construction, conducting its activities since 1996 with its innovative developing vision without making any concession from quality , has assured its prestigious position within the sector with the important projects she has implemented.

At all stages of city and production line from industrial buildings to business centers and from infrastructural projects to environmental planning; FABER Construction has been continuously paying utmost attention to customer satisfaction with its specialist technical staff and qualified solution offers.


To offer high quality construction services with fair and competitive prices in the market to our clients The employ flexible and focused teams and to support them to deliver high quality and reasonable cost projects. To establish sustainable relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, chambers and clients with professional and fair approach.


Customer orientation, innovation, fairness, leadership and financial success.



To ensure that our relaons with our employees and all other stakeholders are based on jusce through the Quality Management System.

• To comply with local and international laws, regulations and other legislation

• To train our employees on the basis of national interests with the awareness of justice, human dignity, occupational safety, worker health and continuous development.

• With preventive approaches; To determine the process risks of our employees and those working in the machines and systems we produce, to initiate the necessary activities, to evaluate the environmental impacts, to determine the occupational health and safety risks, to take the necessary measures to prevent work accidents, occupational diseases and environmental impact accidents

• To take the highest level of measures to prevent environmental pollution and globalwarming by using our natural resources effectively and effciently

• To develop our product range that respects the environment and gives con'dence to its users, in line with customer requests.

• To provide added value to the Turkish and world economy by using all technologicaland design possibilities for the security systems sector and by producing high value-added products and services by taking customer satisfaction as a reference.

• Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level

• To gain a place in the local and world market by using advanced technology in service

• Increasing the product and service quality while reducing the cost with the Quality Management System.

• To comply with all legal regulations and agreements regarding information security by securing our information assets.






Following the current trends in the construction industry, Faber İnşaat successfully completed many constructions.

Infrastructure Construction

It was aimed to increase the visual quality of city life.

Technical Project Services

Using the latest construction technologies, Faber Construction has implemented many projects.

Prefabricated Concrete Elements

It provides valuable services by producing systems that comply with the developing traffic and environmental planning legislation.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Completed work with a total capacity of 520,000m³ / day.


Wait for our new services with our new construction branches.



Mt Installing Wastewater Lines
Pieces Wastewater Chimneys and Rooms
K M³/Day Pump Station Capacities
Mt Drinking Water Connections
Drinking Water Res. Capacities
Mt Stream Rehabilitations and Roads
K M³/Day Wastewater Treatment Plants
Km Road Junc. Viaducts and Tunnels
Pieces 1 Meter Diameter Concrete Piles
Pieces Luxury Residences
K M³ Reinforced Concretes
K Ton Construction Irons
Per. Employment Hiring
Mt Nat. Gas Lines and Connections
Mt Rehabilitations and Cleaning



On account of the vision it has FABER Construction has always been trying to reach the better result. For this reason, together with the leading international solution partners of it’s sector, FABER Construction has been planning to provide services in a much wider range.

Knowing the importance of the efficient use of time FABER Construction, by making up it’s principles as being fast, practical and solid in all projects contracted by itself, aims at providing the perfect service in all areas of infrastructure and superstructure constructions.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001




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